5 Tips to perfect your morning routine.
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A morning routine can be really beneficial. Especially if you’re aiming to be productive, get a handle on your mental health, or just be more organised with your day.

I mentioned routines in my “5 things to improve your mental health” post, but I wanted to get into some more detail.

There’s many benefits to a morning routine and now I’m back working albeit from home, I’ve found myself slipping back into my old routine as if I’d never come out of it and I’ve noticed the improvements immediately. For me a morning routine gives my day structure, it reduces some of my anxiety because I know what the skeleton of my day looks like and getting up and about early just generally makes me feel better in myself.

So I thought I’d give you my 5 tips to perfect your morning routine.

Be Realistic.

There’s no point setting yourself a routine that’s impossible to stick to. You have to take into account your own life to create it. For me, I wake up between 6 and 7 on non work days *when I go back to actual work* and half 4 on days I’m in work (I start at 6.45am), I make my coffee, walk the dog e.t.c (if you want a post on my full morning routine let me know in the comments)

But I know if I had a child for example, or if I worked nights. This would be unrealistic, so you have to adapt it to meet not only your personal needs. But also your lifestyle and environment.

Be flexible

This sounds counter-intuitive but life is life and things go wrong. You might wake up and not feel well, your boiler might have broken, you could have wet the bed – whatever. Having a morning routine that allows for these things can be really helpful. It’s important that whilst you have a routine, if something goes wrong and you can’t do one of the less important things, it’s vital that you don’t feel bad about it.

Start Small

Don’t go into creating your routine with a list of a million things to do when you wake up. Start small, build your routine up (if needed) over time. When I started this, mine was literally, wake up at x time, coffee, walk dog. Done. Now it’s slightly more complex but even still, it’s not managed by the minute. Years ago I was so focussed on making the most out of every single minute that I’d plan my day to the minute – it’s obsessive I know! But I’d get really down on myself if I hadn’t completed something in that ridiculous time frame I’d set myself.

It goes along with being flexible – a morning routine is more about creating some form of order in our lives rather than creating time limits. So I recommend that you don’t go overboard and you keep things small until you’ve got your routine firmly in place.

Don’t be hard on yourself.

It’s been said it takes over 2 months to establish a new routine. So don’t be so hard on yourself if you’ve pressed snooze a few too many times, or you don’t get something done. The routine will eventually become a part of natural life, and every now and then, you might not get something done. You just have to remind yourself that it’s okay! The world isn’t going to end if you haven’t put hospital corners on your bed sheets and you’ve just thrown the cover over. I’m much more a fan of a loose routine rather than a strict one, and I find it makes me happier to do it and keeps me more productive in the long run.

Make it your own!

I can’t stress this enough, but don’t copy someone else’s routine. Not because it’s wrong, but because it might not fit into your life. Reverting back to my first point, it has to be custom to your life, your wants and needs. Other people’s routines have mostly been crafted over time, and yours will too, but to meet your requirements and objectives.

It would be like me saying I’m going to the gym every morning at 4am because Mark Wahlgberg does it. When the nearest gym open at that time for me is nearly half an hour away (plus I’m not a member of a gym) – it would be completely unrealistic for me to do that and personally. I’d be miserable having to be up and out of the house that early! The point of creating a routine is that it’s yours!

If you have a routine already established and have any more tips I’d love to read them in the comments! It would be great to get someone else’s perceptive on this.

My routine has really helped me, especially when it comes to managing my anxiety levels, and generally making me more productive!

Take care, stay safe.

James. aka Anothermaleblogger.

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  1. clairelomax2018

    Brilliant post! Getting a morning routine in place has actually been a complete game changer for me, it changes the whole day and I feel so much better for it.

  2. Clarissa

    Yes, I love this James! Start small, and don’t beat yourself up are two things I preach on ALL. The. Time. I also really love your point about making it yours! Thank you for the tips!

  3. Anna

    This is great!!! Spot on tips!!! I used to struggle with my morning routine. I would put too many tasks in, I wasn’t flexible enough and when not everything was completed I would be disappointed and discouraged.

  4. Jaclynistic Vibes

    I’m a huge fan of routines. Having them makes life so much easier. I’ve just started incorporating a workout into my morning routine. It works great while working from home, but it might be a bit difficult if I have to go back to working at the office. So it might require some flexibility down the line. You’re totally right about starting small and not being too strict about them!

  5. a Life on a Dime

    This is a morning routine post I can get behind!

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