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If you saw my #BlackoutTuesday post (in the process of updating) you’ll know I was posting links and resources. But for those of us (White people in particular) that now want to continue educating yourselves on Black history or get a sense of why the BLM movement is much needed. Then here’s 5 TV shows you HAVE to watch. (on Netflix)

I will preface this and say that I am confined to the UK version of Netflix, so if there’s different documentaries in your country, please leave them in the comments for people to see! These are just a few that I have watched over the years

Dear White People

I will admit that I am behind on this TV series but it is a brilliant one to watch if you’re looking for a series. It has brilliant black representation and brings a lot of issues to the forefront all whilst being funny, dramatic and educational in a fictional setting.

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This documentary highlights the history of black people in America, from slavery and lynching, to the modern day BLM movement and why it’s important. It shows the neglect of past and present presidents and highlights the disgusting policies that only enforce social racism. Definitely one to watch.

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This follows Michelle on her US book tour. (currently reading). If you haven’t or don’t want to read her book, then I highly recommend you read this. She talks of her childhood, racism she’s experienced throughout her life, including that whilst on Baracks race to be president. But also shows strength, compassion and her passion for encouraging black education.

Netflix title image for Becoming

The death and life of Marsha P. Johnson

As one of the black women we have to thank for having Pride. This follows her life and what she did for the lgbtqia+ community. And she did A LOT of activism. Definitely a must watch if you’re also looking to educate yourself on lgbtqia+ history.

Netflix title image for the death and life of Marsha P Johnson

TIME | The Kalief Browder Story

Wrongfully convicted, this documentary shows Kaliefs heartbreaking story from his trial, experiences in prison, to having his conviction overturned – to his unfortunate suicide. It’s a heartbreaking story of how the justice system failed him – which is more common for black people than you might think.

Netflix title image for the Kalief Browder story.

These are just 5 TV shows that are available out of many, but I thought it was important for me to share the documentaries I’ve actually watched. There’s more on Youtube that I’ve watched in the past and these won’t be the last.

They’re a good starting point if you’re looking to educate yourself on why the BLM movement is firstly important but also why it’s unfortunately still needed after all these years.

I’m still updating my BLM Resources highlight on Instagram if you need any resources and I’ve signed more petitions in this last few weeks than I have in my life.

Let me know if you watch or have watched any of these.

Take care, stay safe.

James. aka Anothermaleblogger.

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