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This week I returned to some form of work, albeit from home, but a working pattern was put back into my life and subsequently my blogging and social media suffered for it. It’s really thrown me through a bit of a loop and for a good week or so I feel like I’ve been a shit blogger.

It all happened quite quickly, my work laptop was sent out and the next day I was set up and working again. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate being put to work and actually feeling like I’m earning my money again. Rather than being given it even though I’ve done nothing for it.

Paying the bills

Obviously work comes before anything, it’s the thing that keeps the roof over my head and has the bills paid every month, but I just need to find some sort of routine to help keep me on top of blogging, and stuff like that!

In the beginning of lock down I was really ahead of myself and then when I found out I was having another 2 months off work I think I thought to myself “got loads of time now….” Oh how wrong I was!

Part of me feels like I need to apologise for this but in reality, I’m not going to apologise for working from home and keeping the lights on. None of you expect an apology for that.


What is also happening is that I’m getting too distracted when it comes to actually doing my blogging “work”, I’ll sit in my bedroom rather than my office so I can watch netflix at the same time and 100% of the time, I end up sitting at a desk and not doing any work but watching crap on the tv… which has always been my downfall and the reason I use a separate room in the first place.

I officially go back into store on the 2nd August, it’s all confirmed and I’m preparing myself to get back into store and back into work – I will build a routine though and find that balance to help me get back into my blogging routine!

I hope you’re all well!!

Take care, stay safe.

James. aka Anothermaleblogger.

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  1. T. B. C...

    We think its alright to fall off the wagon a bit! Readjusting and working out what our new normal is. Dont be too hard on yourself. You’ll get back into a flow and we’ll all be right here when you do!

    1. Trying not to be too hard on myself, just all seemed to happen at once. I’ll get my routine sorted eventually – thanks for the comment 🙂

  2. Rhi // The Violet Journal

    No such thing as a shit blogger! Blogging is a difficult one since you could work all day every day and still have more tasks to do, so I hope you find a routine that works for you soon. Good luck with the return to work 😊

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