#BlackoutTuesday || My thoughts.

Yesterday I spent the majority of my day trying to find resources to post to instagram to help the BLM movement.

People had been misusing the BLM hashtag and made it difficult for people to find necessary resources, so I decided it was something I could do on my teeny tiny platform to spread the word, to those in the USA all the way from the UK.

This month my big plan was to celebrate Pride. Being that June is the anniversary of Stonewall, that we have two black women to thank for.

Without those two people, we might not have the luxury of having rights, or to be able to walk the streets freely and not be a criminal because of our sexuality or gender expression.

What I’m really pleased about is that the pride flag has been adjusted to reflect the support of BLM.

But this post isn’t about me. For a start I’m a white male and if that doesn’t scream privilege then I don’t know what does. But I acknowledge that and want to use it positively.

I want to reach out to people and help in any way that I can. I didn’t ask to be privileged but I am, and by myself I can’t change that, but I can join the collective and try and do something about it.

So if you go to my instagram highlights you’ll see BLM resources. If you need any they should be there. I’m going to carry on researching how I can best help the community and do something about the situation because this means a lot to me.

[this isn’t promotion, I’m not looking for likes or follows, it was just the easiest place I could gather all the resources I could find and have them in one place. Don’t even pay attention that it’s on my page, I really don’t care. I just wanted resources available for people that needed them.]

I’ve seen a lot of posts with words to this effect “I can’t understand that I will never understand. But I stand”. And it’s true. I haven’t walked the path of a POC, and I never will because I will never be a POC.

But what I can do is try my best to educate myself, educate others, use what little platform I have as a positive outreach, and to support POC through whatever means.

I’m going to leave a list of links you can visit to either support the cause or educate yourselves on what’s going on.

How can you help?

If possible, donate to the many charities or fundraisers aimed at helping POC. Either with food, shelter, medical or legal protection. Some of them are in the links below.

Share. Share the resources on your platforms. No platform is too big or small. Get the resources to people’s eyes.

Protest. Attend a local protest in support. PLEASE BE SAFE. Wear gloves, masks, eye protection. Covid is still going around and you need to protect yourselves as much as possible.

Educate yourselves. Use resources out there to educate yourselves on the struggle. On the history. Why supporting the cause is vitally important, not only for them but for society as a whole.

Start the conversation. Talk about the issues with friends and family and see if they can support too.

If we work together as one we can make a difference. And a difference is needed.

Please stay safe.




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