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From the 18th May – 24th May we celebrate Mental health Awareness Week (#MHAW). This year the theme is “Kindness” (previously sleep but due to Covid-19 it was changed) and right now it couldn’t be a better theme given our current situation.

This week my Mon/Wed/Fri schedule will be going out of the window in place of more posts themed around Mental health.

As a blogger who focuses on Mental health content I thought it was not only important but appropriate to make this week a massive focus on the issue.

If you normally come for my lifestyle or LGBTQIA+ related content, don’t worry, it will be back next week!


Kindness in society as a whole is important. I like to think for the most of us, we do make an effort to be kind to people consciously or not.

I wanted to focus today on making conscious decisions to #bekind and what that can do for people, whether they have a mental health condition or not.

Some really simple ways of expressing kindness is to acknowledge someone is there, whether it be a smile as you walk by someone, or a simple “hello”.

These are simple things that can brighten up someone’s day. I always try to make a conscious effort to smile at people. I know when someone does it to me, it makes me feel good and I want to pass that on.

I’m also extremely conscious that I have resting bitch face so giving someone a smile shows I’m not scowling at them or unapproachable.

What I like about the “hello” scenario is that it can open up to a conversation with someone. I always imagine to myself that I may be the only person they speak to that day.

Whilst it wasn’t easy for me to start doing this, thanks to social anxiety and not being the best conversationalist, I at least make an effort to make small talk with people.

Honestly I think it’s nice to show an interest in what they’re saying and to give people my time. I know when it’s reciprocated it makes me feel nice and valued.

Simple Acts.

Sometimes a simple act of kindness can make someone’s day. I know that some customers in my workplace only come out once a day. It’s sad to think that some days we are the only people they speak to. I always make sure to give them extra time to have a conversation or a moan (which is normally the case).

There’s obviously many ways to be kind to people on large and small scales, you may be a hospital visitor, you may work with charities, you might be like me and just smile at people.

I honestly think kindness is so important, to be generous with your time, to check in on people, or if you know someone with a mental health condition, to make sure they’re doing okay. Offering support, or to educate yourselves on their condition, it all makes a big difference to other people’s lives.

So go out and #BeKind (it costs nothing to be kind to people!)

Take care, stay safe

James. aka Anothermaleblogger

Mental Health Resources: (should you need them)




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Please feel free to leave other links in the comment section and I’ll add them to future posts!

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  1. clairelomax2018

    Being kind is one of the simplest ways to show others we care. We definitely need to show more kindness towards others, especially at this difficult time.

    Greta post x

  2. Clarissa

    I love this James! Being kind is incredibly important. I tend to be a smiler like you. I never really noticed how much I was though until we had to start wearing masks! Now I still find myself trying to smile at people, and then feeling very silly when I remember they can’t see and probably just think I’m making weird eye contact… 😂🤷‍♀️

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