Skills I’ve learned in Lockdown

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Lockdown Skills

It’s late into lockdown, I was supposed to be preparing for work as mentioned in a previous post. Those plans have now changed due to being part of the “clinically extremely vulnerable” group. So I’m now off until god knows when. In the past few weeks I’ve been trying to take up some new skills. Figuring out things like “SEO” and “Keywords” or tips for writing and publishing.


One thing I’ve been loving lately is baking. I started off small with a little victoria sponge, and if you follow me on instagram (you really should) I gave a lemon drizzle a try – which turned out surprisingly well!!

I’m no star baker, but I am enjoying it, and I suppose in a way I have lockdown to thank for that. Without it I probably wouldn’t have a lot time to practice baking or get hooked on “How to Cake it” (she’s bloody brilliant – highly recommend watching!)

Also a quick thanks to ASpoonfulofVanilla for the no bake tart recipe – my trial test turned out really well!!

Tech Skills

Another thing I’ve been loving is educating myself on the more technical aspects of blogging and writing. For that I’ve been using Skillshare and Youtube.

There’s some really good in-depth classes on skillshare, from people in the business, which is really handy. Youtube is also really good for people sharing their experiences, and I’ve learned a lot from both! Although I do find it easier to find more relevant courses on Skillshare, I find Youtube saturated with “make 50 squillion pounds a month” videos lately that turn out not to be useful.

If you want 2 months free access to Skillshare, here’s my link*

I’m currently doing some courses on writing, blogging and Pinterest which are quite informative. If I can link any of the courses below then I’ll leave them. I’m currently looking for courses in business and possibly running an online store.


In preparation for my supposed return to work, I had been going through my old training courses so I was all freshened up before I went back.

Whilst it turns out that I’ll be waiting a little longer before I make my return, it was handy to go over policies and procedures that I obviously haven’t been putting into practice – so if this is a thing you can do from home, it might be worth looking into, just so returning to work isn’t such a shock to the system.

Skills I want to learn.

I want to continue my learning journey. I find that because I want to learn these skills, I’m more actively trying to learn, rather than being in that school format where it’s forced. It has taken a little bit of the anxiety of returning to work out, and I do feel more caught up than just going straight back into it on day one and not knowing what’s been happening.


I feel like I’ve used my lockdown time more wisely. I’ve learned some new skills, I’ve started my blog. I’ve managed to organise my life a little bit and gained some skills I can take with me into the future.

I’d love to know what you’ve been up to during this time? Let me know in the comments!

Take care, stay safe.

James. aka Anothermaleblogger.

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Skill Share course links I’ve used :

How to Write a blog post that strangers will want to read

How to Write SEO Content and Improve Traffic to Your WordPress Site

SEO Basics for Non-SEOs


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  1. bournemouthgirl

    These sound like great skills to learn during lockdown. Sounds like you have used your time well. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Jaclyn

    You’ve done a lot during lockdown James. Good on you! It’s great that you’ve used the time to learn new things. I saw your lemon drizzle cake on Instagram and it looked amazing! You’ve actually inspired me to do a bit of baking this weekend. Like you, I started my blog during lockdown too. I’m still working from home full time, so I’m having to fit it all in around that. I’ve certainly learned a lot though x

    1. I’m actually finding baking quite therapeutic if you take away the washing up… I was supposed to start working from home this week but had radio silence so I’ve been focusing on my blog a bit more whilst I can.

  3. Nadim

    Thanks for sharing. I didn’t know about Skillshare and I’ll definitely take a look. I totally agree with your assessment of YouTube make a gazillion dollars in…

  4. middleagefanclub

    It’s definitely been important to keep busy during lockdown. I’ve wrote more and been learning Spanish. Sounds like you’re learning a lot!

  5. Baking is so fun! I’ve been cooking a lot more and I’m loving it. It’s kept me from ordering in or getting fast food, which does a lot for my wallet lol. I’m also studying sign language and I LOVE it!

    1. Can’t say I’ve stayed away from fast food – so done nothing much for my wallet. Good on you for learning sign language! I learned basic sign language a few years back, and it’s definitely a useful skill to have.

      Thank you for taking the time to comment!

      1. I just know a few words right now. I’m just taking it slow, but I can’t wait until I move on to sentences. ♥

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