4 Quick Tips for new bloggers
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So you’re a new blogger? Or, maybe you’re an existing one just looking around (hi!). Welcome to #anotherbloggerseries, in this post I’ll be giving my “tips for new bloggers”

What I really want from this series is for people to actually learn something about blogging. I want to help make your blogs as successful as you want them to be and for you to enjoy blogging. It’s a fun and creative thing to do and you should enjoy doing it!

I wanted to create this post to give those of you that are brand spanking new to blogging, some advice. From someone who has been blogging on and off for the last 10 years!

Stop Worrying

My first piece of advice would be to stop worrying about it being perfect. It doesn’t have to be, and if you want it to be, it will be in time. You have to allow yourself to make mistakes, experiment with layouts and writing styles to make it your own.

Your blogs will never be “perfect” in the beginning, you will look back in a few years time and think “god it looked awful” – I do this regularly. Also, there’s no such thing as a “perfect” blog, but you’ll always think there is.

It’s just “perfect” to your individual tastes. The great thing about a creative outlet is that we’re all different, we all have our own styles. Blogging should be about self expression.

In the same vein, you will always improve. As you go through your blogging life/career/journey you’ll pick up tips and tricks from other bloggers, you’ll learn new skills, your writing style will change.

As long as you’re open to learning new things and making changes along the way, you’ll have a long and prosperous blogging career.


Some new bloggers may feel like they need to shell out a bunch of money on equipment/accessories. e.t.c. DON’T DO THIS (yet).

For a lot of new bloggers, it’s a temporary thing. They start a blog, buy the domain and hosting, which can be expensive depending on your budget. Then a few months down the line, they get bored with it.

I highly recommend using the free platforms in the beginning. Build your blog up, get a true feel for it and if you don’t like blogging, then you haven’t wasted any money.

If you do want to continue, you can spend the money on your own domain name – like me, anothermaleblogger.co.uk or upgrade your site to it’s premium platform, or move completely.

(Read up on this because it can get complicated transferring your site)

Again, YOU DON’T NEED TO SPEND ANY MONEY TO BE A BLOGGER – I’ve mentioned this before (Equipment I use for blogging) but you can start a blog and run a successful one. FOR FREE!!

As I mentioned above, use the free platforms, use your phones camera for photography e.t.c.

How much should I be posting?

In terms of posting, I would recommend focusing on the quality of your posts over the quantity.

As a reader, I always find that if I’m reading something that feels rushed or forced, just to get a post up, I lose interest.

New Bloggers Top Tip!

Before launching your blog, depending on your schedule (if you have one), have a few posts already up and public. Then have a few ready to be scheduled out. My last post was focused on scheduling posts so make sure you check that out too.

I always find it helps keep you on your schedule and helps you have the time to write future posts.

Currently I have 5 posts scheduled (on a 3 a week schedule) and I’ve got about 7 draft posts very nearly ready to be scheduled.

I’ve got plenty more posts coming as part of the #Anotherbloggerseries. so make sure you’ve followed the blog to keep up to date.

Take care, stay safe.

James aka Anothermaleblogger

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  1. Violet Jones

    So many great tips! I battle perfectionism every day as a blogger but pushing through it is the best way to grow.

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