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June has been one of those hit and miss months for me. Not just for the blog but for my personal life as well. Not a bad month, just an uninspired one. We celebrated my Mum’s 68th Birthday this month in lockdown which was a bit strange, I took the last week of the month away from the blog and some social media and instead binged a fair bit of Netflix and played around with my new Ipad Pro (it’s really good if you’re wondering)

Now I’m back from a little break, and I’m feeling more inspired and motivated to keep going. But you’re here for stats. So here’s my June overview.


Some weeks aren’t full weeks, or slightly longer because I start my week on a Sunday and end on a Saturday.

Week 1 (1/6 – 6/6) 82 views (+6 on last month)

Week 2 (7/6 – 13/6) 134 views (-12 on last month)

Week 3 (14/6 – 20/6) 152 views (+15 on last month)

My week off

Week 4 (21/6 – 30-6) 51 views (-94 on last month)

That’s a total of 419 this month. I think if I hadn’t have taken the week off then I may have been in the positive this month but, it’s nothing something I’m kicking myself about, we all need a break every now and then and it’s important to me to take them.

Other stats you might like:

Twitter: 772 (+376)

Instagram 118 (+28)

Pinterest 49 (+34)

Blog 58 (+23)

AND my Top 3 posts this month are.




Overall I’m actually rather happy with this month. Considering I took 6 days away from the blog and promotion of it, the growth of my socials has actually pleasantly surprised me.

If you’ve got a breakdown post leave it in the comments, I’d love to give it a read!

Take care, stay safe.

James. aka Anothermaleblogger.

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  1. a Life on a Dime

    Your social media is growing! Looks like you’re going in the right direction all around.

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