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In celebration of #Pride season, I’m releasing a series of posts all dedicated to #lgbtqia+. For the first post I thought I’d kick it all of with my view on queer expression. (or lgbtqia+ expression)

Personally I use the term queer, for myself. I consider myself a gay person who is gender fluid. So using queer as an umbrella term just makes things easier for me. I’m not a massive fan of labels when it comes to identifying myself but if you wish to use anything, I use queer.

I’m also happy with any pronoun you want to use. I’ll go by anything if I’m completely honest, mis-gendering me won’t offend me because I don’t confine myself to one gender.

Other people may be different to me so please take care and respect people’s gender identity/pronouns e.t.c.

The community to me is an amazing thing to be part of. Being a part of it makes me feel somewhat free. We’re not tied by social standards, we express ourselves freely and we don’t subscribe to the norm which is something I personally love.

I recently watched a video of a girl reacting to Sam Smith and Demi Lovato’s song “I’m ready”. Every time she saw a man in heels, she’d refer it back to Drag race. Whilst there were queens in the video, it somewhat irritated me that a man in heels to her = Drag queen; because to me, that’s not what it is. To me they’re just shoes and it raised a debate in my own head about my perception of queer expression.

What expression means to me.

For me, expression means, if I want to wear something, I’ll wear it. Some days I love a jumper and jeans, others I want to feel the fantasy. Other days I wear makeup some I don’t. For me being able to express myself in conjunction with the way I feel is what expression is all about.

I don’t understand why we tie ourselves down with societal standards of male and female. I love blending between the two and I really wish the labels would be taken off and clothes wouldn’t be gendered but just seen as clothes. To me it’s only a bit of material sewn together to keep us somewhat modest.

I understand that for some people this isn’t possible, which is heartbreaking and I want to delve deeper into that in the future. For those of us living in a country where we are accepted and we do have rights. Feel free to be you! For those that don’t have this ability because of laws or the danger imposed know that it will get better one day. It might not be right now or next week; but one day it will get better.

Take care, stay safe

James. aka Anothermaleblogger.


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  1. Carl

    Hey, can not wait to read the series of posts
    I hope things are good?


    1. They’re all good 🙂 Still trying to figure out if I should stick to my schedule for them or increase the amount of posts I’m publishing slightly to give a good mix of posts…. thanks for taking the time to comment! Hope you’re keeping well.

  2. gracexkatex

    Happy pride month! I love this post and I completely agree, fashion really should have no gender, it is a freedom of expression! Can’t wait to read some more posts of yours!
    Grace xx

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