Why I started my blog
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4 months ago I started blogging again – 3 months ago I moved to WordPress and that’s really where this blog truly began. I’ve never had any massive ambitions when it comes to blogging, it’s always just been something I like to do, it’s cathartic, it helps me organise my thoughts and feelings, and gives me somewhere to release my inner thoughts and feelings. So why did I start blogging?

Originally I started out with the focus of lgbt and mental health, with a bit of lifestyle thrown in. I wanted to share every aspect of my life and write about the things I new best. However over the last few months I’ve realised that whilst being part of the lgbt community, it’s not something I enjoy writing about, and for the time being, it’s something that will only make occasional features, when I feel it’s necessary. I still feel like I’ve got a lot to learn before I pass any wisdom down, but if I feel like I need to write about something, it’ll happen. Mental health has become something of a focus for my blog at the moment and I’m enjoying exploring how I can help people with my words, it’s also a fascinating subject to learn about and something I’m deeply invested in.

Experiencing anxiety and depression myself has only garnered an interest into deeper subjects. Plus I have a massive fascination with how the brain works – if I were academic, I would have definitely headed down the psychology route.


My goals for this blog have grown over the few months it’s been live and from something that was aiming to be a creative outlet, is now heading towards more of a side business.

I’m now looking at using the skills I’ve developed and looking at how I can use them to help keep the at least the costs of this blog free. I’m currently developing my skills in digital art and looking into sorting out some form of online store for prints and possibly stickers (if I can figure that out). It’s going to be a few weeks or possibly months before any of this happens, whilst I continue my learning journey but keep your eye out!

The Future

For the future I’m planning on obviously continuing my blog, I’d love to work with a mental health charity at some point and keep connecting with like minded people.

For now though, I’m happy where I am, with the growth I’ve made, and where things are headed – especially after my little week away from most social media, I’m feeling more inspired and refreshed.

I’d love to hear your stories and why you started blogging.

Take care, stay safe.

James. aka Anothermaleblogger.

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  1. Rhi // The Violet Journal

    I’m glad you’re feeling inspired after taking a week off from social media! That’s something I’ve been meaning to do for so long but my social media addiction is raging and so far I’ve only managed to make it to one day…

  2. duch Dad

    Great blog James. I’m a large format digital printer (currently furloughed) so anything I can help you with just give me a shout. Although I don’t know much about selling it online but I know how to design and set up print ready files!


  3. Boomer EcoCrusader

    I started blogging last summer because I was at a bit of a loose end after something I had been spending a lot of time on wrapped up. I had time on my hands so my blog was born! Almost a year in, I am loving it. I have a full-time job so blogging is really a hobby for me. I love it when people read, like and comment on my posts. It’s a great feeling when people like what they read and follow me. It becomes addictive after a while.

  4. T. B. C...

    This is great to hear. We started as a means of getting through lockdown, though I, personally was looking at other ways of being creative. We enjoy it for what it is and are also learning that there is so much more to it. And that excites us. We love being able to connect with people and tell the stories we want to. We don’t think it will become a money making thing for us as we all have very demanding day jobs but we can see us having fun and perhaps making a little money. Which leads me on to – we see you have to Ko-fi button installed. Did you have to upgrade for that or is there another way to do it x

    1. I didn’t have to upgrade, there’s a button on the left hand menu when you log in “buttons” I just got the html from there and pasted it on my site. I’m still on the free version .

      1. T. B. C...

        Thank you! We figured it out. You have no idea how happy we are 🤭🤭🤭

  5. clairelomax2018

    It is so important to have goals and these sound like great ones.

    Its great that you’ve realised what direction you want your blog to move in, its key to keeping going, if you don’t enjoy writing about one topic then its not the one for you. Good luck moving forward with your blog and goals x

  6. bournemouthgirl

    I started blogging because I loved writing and I enjoy it. But I love it even more now with sharing photos etc.

  7. couragetoblog

    I started blogging recently and this kind of blog helps me to keep motivated and inspires me to keep writing more.

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